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21st Jan 2015

I'd like to request a Prius as a car on the server, the true eco car of the world.
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23rd Jan 2015

I think there already is a model for it. It just needs to be implemented. And if you truly must know, they've done side by side comparisons and a Hummer H1 is slightly more environmentally friendly than a Prius. I'll give you the quick breakdown of how.

1. The Prius is imported. Meaning it is brought in by boat. The boats use a MASSIVE amount of diesel to run, and are FAR from efficient at doing so.
2. The batteries in the Prius are made in a factory. The type of battery used in the Prius is ONLY made in ONE extremely remote factory worldwide. The reason for this is the factory produces a massive smog cloud and tons of pollution that would make any nearby places uninhabitable.
3. The Prius goes through about 3 sets of those batteries in it's lifetime, as the continual drain and recharge has shortened their expected lifespan to about 40k miles.
4. The parts used to maintain the Prius are imported as well. Meaning they're part of that massive pollution from the boats used to import them.

The list goes on and on, but by the end of it all (including the environmentally friendly fuel savings of the Prius) you end up being about even with a Hummer H1. You're slightly more eco-friendly but not by much at all lol.

If you want a truly eco-friendly powerhouse you need to look at something that doesn't have a massive footprint of a battery or import issues. For example the Geo Metro. A fully gas running 3 cylinder engine that is an estimated 63mpg. (https://www.fueleconomy.g ... true&details=on) This vehicle however was shortchanged on the MPG as most drivers of the vehicle report around 80mpg on the highway. The vehicle is made here in the US and was made in Canada at one point and is very minimalistic. It is very lightweight, made of eco-friendly materials and require very little maintenance (thus reducing the lifespan footprint).

So before you get caught up in the hype of the Prius, do a little digging and realize that it's nothing more than a successful marketing strategy lol. The Geo Metro up to about 1997 was and still is the overall most eco-friendly car ever built. And it was made by Chevrolet lol.
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