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Would you like mrhockey to become a staff member


Joined: 20th Jan 2015
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1st Feb 2015

What is your in-game name:MrHockey36

What is your SteamID:   steam_0:0:52347607
What is your age:17

What timezone/country do you live in:usa est

How many hours have you played on our server: i dont know were to find this out

How long have you been playing Garry's Mod:about a month now

Do you have any moderating experience? If so, list references.i have no experience

Do you know your way around ULX?no but i learn very easily

Have you ever been banned on any servers before? If so, explain why.i have never been banned from a server

Why do you want to become a moderator?i love this server and would love to help out

Explain what our community is all about, to you.
( 3 - 4 Lines) community is about a group of people who come together to have fun doing an activity together and the most important part is that we all get along and settle our differences

Why should we should accept you?
( 4 - 5 Lines)i love this server and i always like helping people out. If i were to become staff i would make sure that every problem is solved in the best way. Since i like this server so much i wouldnt do anything to get me in trouble because if i were to not be able to play on this server i would be very upset with my self. 

What skills do you have that will help benefit our server?
( 3 - 4 Lines) when comforted with a situation i try my best to hear all sides of the situation to find the best solution to the problem. No matter who the person is i will always treat them fair and do my best to make the best decision  

Do you have anyone from the staff who recommends you?not that i know of

Do you swear to help the members of Repulsive to your fullest?i do

Do you swear to be polite in chat and respectful to other members at all times?i do

Do you swear to be fair in your moderation?i do 

Do you swear not to take abuse of the powers that will be invested upon you as a public representative of Repulsive?i do

Forum » Forums » Under Review
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